The Rabbi Chef - Food for the Body and Food for the Spirit
Food for the Body
Here are some of the many dishes that I can prepare for you. All dishes are prepared Kosher-style. Please let me know if you would prefer that the meals be Kosher.

  • Middle Eastern Vegetarian Delight
    Hummus, falafel, baba ghanush and Israeli-style salad with pita bread
  • Hummus with meat
  • Hungarian Lecho (Vegetarian)
    Sauteed green peppers, onions and eggs served with homemade bread
  • Chicken Paprikash
  • Hungarian Goulash
  • Cholent
    Beef stew with beans,barley, potatoes, onions, and roasted whole eggs, slowly cooked for 24 hours--A traditional Sabbath lunch
  • Mediterranean Roasted Chicken with Roasted Vegetables
  • Moroccan Chicken Tagine
    Chicken with prunes and spices, slowly cooked and served over rice or couscous
  • Middle Eastern chicken with Olives
  • Middle Eastern Chicken with Raisins and Pine Nuts
  • Meat Balls Hungarian-style (beef or turkey)
    • Sephardic Meat Balls in Garlic Sauce
    • Sephardic Meat Balls in Fruit Sauce
    • Sephardic Meat Balls in Almond Sauce
    • and much more!